"Where Does Your Soul Live?" - Patricia Ione Lloyd

Since she was 6-years-old, Patricia Ione Lloyd has been listening to her soul (which lives in her stomach) and using it to help her find her path. That’s led to the realization that she can use her talents as a writer to share stories that reflect the times and bring black women out of the shadows and into the spotlight. She encourages her audience to use their art to open hearts and minds, and listen to their souls.

Patricia Ione Lloyd is a Tow Playwright-in-Residence at the Public Theater and is currently developing a mainstage production to debut at the end of her residency. She is an executive story editor for "Love Is____" on OWN, a staff writer for "The Sinner" on USA Networks, a story editor for "Hap and Leonard" on AMC Networks and is working on a pilot for Fabrik Entertainment.

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