"How Feedback from a Jerk Co-Worker Could Revolutionize Performance" - Rachelle Pereira

Facilitator and coach reveals the most important data point and explains how to interpret this information in information age.

Rachelle Pereira is the Co-Founder of EQUALibrium Group, a leadership and communication consulting firm dedicated to nurturing and building Powerful Modern Leaders.  

In her 15 years as an executive coach, facilitator and educator, she has had the privilege of working with a diverse group of organizations ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. For all of her clients, she focuses on what she believes are the cornerstones to quality communication: empathy and curiosity. With this approach, she has taught surgeons how to apologize after medical errors; worked with human rights activists to help them stop fighting each other and instead fight for their cause; shown senior executives how they can get better financial results by demonstrating vulnerability; and helped entire organizations change the way they view and interact with their consumers.  

She began her career in Britain and later relocated to New York City where her consulting practice takes her around the world. She lives by the creed that there is always more to learn, something to practice and a new skill to hone. In addition to working with clients and running a business, Rachelle has two young children at home and is in constant pursuit of finding her EQUALibrium, which for her means work-life balance.