"Anyone Can Be an Artist" - Lester Vrtiak

Lester Vrtiak is encouraging everyone to break down the walls between artist and audience and rethink the idea of stage with The Sing for Hope Pianos program. See how anyone and everyone can become an artist and how creating art is a primal, and profound, experience. 

Lester Vrtiak is an arts administrator and musician based in New York City. He has several years of experience in arts programming specializing in music education and community engagement. Currently, he is managing The Sing for Hope Pianos program, the country's largest recurring public arts project of artist-designed pianos placed throughout the parks and public spaces of the five boroughs each summer for anyone and everyone to enjoy. He is a graduate of the John J. Cali School of Music, part of Montclair State University with a major in Music Theory/Composition.